Family Is Heartbroken After They Found Out Their Missing Dog Got Hit By A Train And Buried In Shallow Grave

A family in Newtown, Sydney, Australia is left heartbroken after finding out their missing dog was struck by a train and was later buried by a Sydney Trains staff in a shallow grave next to the tracks.

The dog, which according to the Daily Mail, is a six-year-old rescue named Tammy, was hit by a train at the Sydenham railway station after running away from her new family’s house on September 23.

However, after being struck by a train, Tammy’s owners weren’t contacted, despite the pooch being micro-chipped.

The family desperately searched for their dog for weeks — they consistently posted about their missing dog on a Lost & Found pets page on Facebook.

They wrote, “Tammy is an absolute sweetheart and it is very possible she is hiding out of sight during the day – venturing out in the early mornings and evenings where there is little human activity.”

The owners were later referred to Arthur & Co. Pet Detectives, a page that uses a variety of methods to find lost or stolen pets in Australia.

Arthur & Co. posted about Tammy on September 25, two days after the dog ran away from home, saying, “Tammy’s new family miss her very much and are very concerned for her welfare. Pease share to help get Tammy home.”

On October 3, one week after their first post, Arthur & Co. Pet Detectives posted an urgent update about Tammy.

They revealed that someone came forward with the information that there was a deceased dog matching Tammy’s description found near the train tracks at Sydenham Station.

They wrote, “We have spoken with one of the managers at Sydenham Station who confirmed the deceased dog did match Tammy’s description and that the dog was not microchipped scanned nor advertised to the public to try and find the owners, and instead was buried somewhere next to the train tracks.”

The team at Arthur & Co. reached out to the senior leadership staff at Sydney Trains to help them retrieve and identify the dog’s body.

The body was retrieved by the team along with Southern Cross Veterinary Clinic Sydney and was scanned for a microchip.

Arthur & Co. wrote, “We are deeply saddened to let you all know the deceased dog on the train tracks has been 100% confirmed as Tammy via a microchip scan.”

“This is so very sad but we take some comfort in knowing that Tammy’s final resting place will not be in the location where she met her untimely, tragic end,” they continued.

The team at Arthur & Co. also shared that the CEO of Sydney Trains assured that there will be “prompt and meaningful” change on how they deal with deceased pets following Tammy’s tragedy.

Many dog lovers were heartbroken over Tammy’s story. One user wrote, “Was praying for a happy ending for this family.” While another wrote, “RIP precious glad you finally were able to go home even if not the way your loving parents would have wanted.”

“We are so sad you left this world after you’d finally found your happily ever after. We hope you can now Rest in Eternal Peace,” Arthur & Co. Pet Detectives wrote.

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