Dog Returned To Florida Shelter After Being Abandoned in Tennessee Finds Forever Home

A previous resident at the Cape Coral Animal Shelter that was returned to the shelter after being found abandoned in Tennessee, finally found his real forever home.

The dog, named Stanley, is a Terrier-Hound mix and has had a rough time finding a real forever home after being adopted twice.

But you know what they say, third time’s a charm! So on Sunday, October 15, Stanley’s happily ever after finally came.

According to NBC-2, Cape Coral Animal Shelter received multiple calls from all over asking for Stanley, after the pooch was returned to their shelter.

And on Sunday, the search was finally over as a loving family finally adopted him. Sharing the news on Facebook, Cape Coral Animal Shelter said, “He found what we all hope will be his forever home this time! Happy life, sweet boy!”

Stanley made the headlines earlier this month after he was found abandoned in Tennessee. According to WESH, the pooch was discovered sitting on a random porch in rural Tennessee.

Luckily, a woman with an animal rescue found the pooch and saw Cape Coral Animal Shelter listed as the secondary contact on Stanley’s microchip.

Bob Sheeler, one of the shelter’s volunteer, said, “I was heartbroken to hear that he had gotten there and he was left.”

After being contacted, Sheeler didn’t think twice to drive and meet Stanley and the woman who found the pooch.

In a Facebook post, Sheeler revealed, “I walked Stanley many times back during the Covid shutdown before he was adopted. Maybe he will remember me..”

When Sheeler met Stanley again, he revealed to WESH, “He ran right over to me!”

“It brought tears to her eyes. She tried to find Stanley another home and when that didn’t work out, the last thing she wanted was for him to go back to a shelter,” he continued.

According to Sheeler and the shelter’s executive director, Liz McCauley, Stanley was among the very first dogs when Cape Coral Animal Shelter opened in 2020.

McCauley said she was quite shocked when she heard what happened to Stanley. “We all loved him very much. He was very, very popular,” she said.

The animal shelter later revealed that the original adopters of Stanley later rehomed him and that the second adopters are the ones who abandoned the pooch.

The shelter said, “We are just grateful he was found by such a wonderful rescue group and we were able to get him back. And he was adopted again, so all is well.”

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