Rescue Dog Who Survived A Hit-And-Run Accident Is Looking For A Forever Home

A dog from the Bahamas is looking for a forever home after surviving a hit-and-run and being rescued by the Florida Urgent Rescue (FUR).

The dog, a Labrador-Retriever mix named Buster, lived through the worst situation in his life and is now ready to spend the rest of it happy, with a forever family.

The Florida Urgent Rescue revealed that Buster came to them this year from the Bahamas. He was hit by a car and was badly injured.

FUR wrote in a Facebook post, “He was unable to walk and in excruciating pain, dragging himself through the streets for weeks.”

The poor pooch dragged himself too much on the pavement for over a month that when the no-kill shelter found him, his kneecaps were described to be “raw and bloody down to the bone” and his stomach was “raw and infected.”

“He was miserable, and everyone just passed him by as if he were invisible.”

Before Buster arrived at FUR, he was taken to the Bahamas Alliance For Animal Rights and Kindness (BAARK). However, the team didn’t have orthopedic specialists so that’s when they reached out to FUR.

Buster’s prognosis wasn’t good when he arrived at FUR. The vet said he has a severe spinal injury, and because too much time had gone by before he was given any medical attention, he didn’t become a candidate for surgery.

But Buster is one determined pooch and is now getting all the medical attention and care he needs. FUR said, “Despite his terrible injuries, this is probably the best life Buster has ever had.”

Buster has a foster mom, named Kelly MacDade, who takes care of him and brings him to his physical therapy appointments.

Furthermore, the pooch has some more amazing hoomans who bring him to his vet appointments and wound treatment.

Buster also received a new, customized wheelchair from Walkin’ Pets by which the pooch showed off in a Porsche event in Jacksonville.

FUR wrote, “He was strolling through the showroom as if to say ‘Those are nice, but check out my new model!’”

“In rescue, we see the worst in people and the best. Despite all the people who passed him by on the streets, some amazing people jumped into action to save his life,” The FUR team said in a statement.

FUR also revealed that Buster’s demeanor has changed. “When he was rescued, Buster was a miserable, defeated dog who was in so much pain he was barely holding on. Just one month later, he’s a happy, playful dog who is loving life despite his handicap,” the rescue said.

They attributed this change to Buster’s medical care and the love and attention he’s getting. They wrote, “For the first time in his life, he has a home and he’s part of a family, getting spoiled and loved.”

Now, Buster is all ready for the next chapter of his life, which is to find a loving family that he can spend the rest of his life with.

FUR wants potential adopters to know that while Buster is now healing and “unstoppable” in his wheels, the pooch will still need extra help.

Buster’s newfound zest for life and confidence didn’t go unnoticed at FUR. They took note of it and had this to say about the pooch, “Buster is a shining example of courage, resilience and strength. He’s also a great reminder that no matter what you’ve been through, tomorrow is a new day, and you can look ahead with confidence.”

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