Stray Dog From Texas Steps Up As Surrogate Mom For Abandoned Puppies

A Great Pyrenees, found wandering the streets of Fort Bend County, Texas, just became the most loving surrogate mom and savior to six abandoned puppies in late October.

Nova the Great Pyrenees was a stray found by a Good Samaritan. And her story is as beautiful as her heart is.

On October 26, The Fort Bend County Animal Services posted about needing urgent foster or rescue for six one-week-old puppies on their Facebook page.

According to PEOPLE, the puppies were brought to the animal shelter on October 24. The animal shelter wrote in a post, “At only a week old they need to be bottle fed.”

And just a few hours after the post went up, the animal shelter shared, “Our D litter of bottle baby puppies aren’t bottle babies anymore!”

Because as luck would have it, a Good Samaritan found a stray Great Pyrenees that was full of milk, but with no puppies, on October 25.

Talking to PEOPLE,  Rene Vasquez, the director of Fort Bend County Animal Services, said that they knew the shelter made the right choice after witnessing Nova and the puppies’ first few moments together.

“Nova was so happy to see the puppies! She took to them right away, and they were very happy to have a mama and food!” Vasquez says.

And thanks to Nova’s maternal instincts and commitment, the puppies are reportedly doing well.

Vasquez said “We were so happy that Nova was able to step up and be a mom for them. Sometimes, it is difficult to find bottle feeders and fosters for when the puppies or kittens are so little, so to have a nursing mom available to accept the babies is definitely a good day.”

Currently, Nova and the puppies, five boys and one girl, are all living in a foster home.

And last week, Nova’s foster parent shared that Nova has officially been entered into the Fort Bend County Animal Services’ system so that she can finally adopt the super mom.

Nova’s foster parent also shared that the six puppies will be up for adoption as well after they are weaned.

Vasquez revealed, “The puppies will stay with Nova until they are weaned, and then we will start looking for homes for them. They will also be vaccinated, microchipped, and fixed before going to their forever homes.”

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