Dodgers’ Shohei Ohtani Finally Reveals His Pup’s Name

Shohei Ohtani answered one of his career’s most important questions during his Dodgers introductory press conference on Thursday, December 14 — What’s the name of his adorable pooch?

Last month, when Otani won his second American League MVP award, he was sitting on his couch with a dog beside him.

MLB posted a video clip of the pair on YouTube where you can see Ohtani high-fiving the dog after his win.

The caption even read, “The moment Shohei Ohtani found out he was a 2x unanimous AL MVP.”

Fans were curious about the dog, and rightfully so, the dog stole the spotlight and quickly became viral! However, nobody outside of Ohtani’s camp knew the dog’s name. And Ohtani himself declined to reveal the pup’s name.

But finally, during his Dodgers introductory press conference on December 14, Ohtani revealed the pooch’s name as “Dekopin”, a Japanese word that means flicking someone’s forehead.

But that’s not the only thing Ohtani revealed! He also disclosed that Dekopin has an English name: “Decoy”.

During his press conference, Ohtani reveals the choice to have an English name for his dog. He said through his translator, “I figured it would be hard for American people to pronounce it, so his American name is Decoy.”

Now that the mystery is solved, fans can expect to see more of Dekopin/Decoy at Dodger Stadium!

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