Elderly Dog Goes Missing; Owner Finds It At A Milwaukee Bar

We guess no-puppy‘s too old for a night out! And Bear, a 16-year-old Shih Tzu, is proof of that.

The senior dog disappeared from his owner’s, Milwaukee resident Jenny Hazarad, backyard on the night of January 24 and was found in the unlikeliest place.

Hazard said Bear always loved adventures. She tells FOX 6, “When he was younger, he was a runner.” But she didn’t expect for her senior pooch to go back to his ways!

Hazard recounts the story to FOX 6, “It was kind of just getting dark. I was outside with all three dogs.” But then suddenly, “I am looking and where’s Bear?”

Hazard then sees an open gate and the elderly pooch nowhere to be found. “After about 15 or 20 minutes I was just in tears. Because he’s old, he’s got a heart condition.”

“He can’t go far in snow … Where could he have gone, right?” she added.

And so the search for Bear began. The senior pooch’s owner turned to social media and asked people to be on the lookout for Bear.

“We get a text. They said – your dog is down at Finks. I’m like what? (laughs)” Hazard said. 

FOX 6 reports that a friend of a friend sent the photo of Bear having the time of his life at the bar to Hazard.

The bar, Finks Bar (1875 N. Humboldt Avenue), is a mile away from Bear’s home.

After receiving the photo of Bear, Hazard felt a mix of relief and confusion. “What’s he doing at a bar?” she tells PEOPLE.

As it turns out, a group of barhoppers who were on their way to Finks scooped the pooch up off the street and brought him along.

Hazard said, “They took good care of him, and I guess he was pretty popular.”

After tagging a long with a group of barhoppers and having a night out, Bear is back at home, safe and sound.

Hazard jokes, “Old man breaks free — goes to bar”, describing Bear’s adventure.

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