Fitness App Strava Partners With Fi Collar To Help Track Your Dog’s Fitness

Running and cycling app Strava announced its partnership with Fi Smart Dog Collar on February 22 that will allow owners to track their dog’s fitness.

The partnership couldn’t have come at a perfect time as February 22 is National Walk Your Dog Day!

In an Instagram post, both apps announced, “To celebrate, we’re walking in a new way: Fi and Strava are finally in sync.”

According to Strava’s announcement, this partnership will now let dog owners integrate the Fi Collar’s data to Strava.

“Your Fi activities upload to Strava with a graphic featuring stats from the walk like steps, rankings, and strakes,” Strava wrote.

Furthermore, once you’ve synced Fi to Strava, “you won’t have to lift a paw” as the fitness app describes it.

This is because Fi will be able to automatically detect and record any data when you take your dog for a walk and when the said walk finishes.

That means, the new feature can track your dog’s health, including the distance they traveled while walking and the number of steps they took during the walk.

“When your Fi walks are uploaded to Strava they will include a graphic featuring stats on steps taken, and how your dog ranks among other dogs on Fi.”

Other than the data it records while you take your dog on a walk, the Fi Smart Dog Collar offers a lot more than that!

Strava describes Fi as a new breed of dog collar “bringing advanced GPS tracking together with activity, sleep, and behavior monitoring.”

Strava added, “It lets you keep tabs on where your dog is at all times, provides notes on their sleeping patterns, and even gives dogs some friendly competition with their own leaderboards.”

To celebrate the partnership, both companies featured their employees’ dogs in a community post, highlighting what they love about their dogs and what their pooches love about Strava and/or Fi.

In addition to this, Strava and Fi are also giving out 100 FREE limited edition Fi x Strava collars. You can join in the giveaway here.

“Now the two best platforms for movement are seamlessly integrated, and even more importantly: Your dog can get all the kudos they deserve.”

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