‘So Pregnant She Couldn’t Even Walk’: Rescue Dog Gives Birth To 11 Puppies

A rescue dog from a no-kill shelter, who “was so pregnant, she couldn’t even walk outside“, gives birth to 11 puppies on March 6, Wednesday.

PEOPLE shares that the rescue dog, Meter Maid, arrived at Austin Pets Alive! (APA) from a city shelter in Texas.

According to APA, Meter Maid was found pregnant, “very shut down and scared” in a neighborhood in Austin, Texas.

Meter Maid’s rescuers believed that the super mom might’ve received care at some point but was later neglected and abandoned.

In a video shared on Instagram, APA wrote, “Meter Maid was so pregnant she couldn’t even walk outside” while showing how APA staff help the dog get her daily dose of sunshine by wheeling her outside with a wagon.

“Turns out it’s because she was pregnant with ELEVEN PUPPIES!” APA reveals, showing a clip of the super mom with her litter of 11 puppies.

APA also applauds the new mom saying, “Good job, mama”.

APA reveals through PEOPLE that the 11 puppies were all given names that match their mother’s: Construction Zone, Detour, Valet, Driveway, Parallel Park, Speed Limit, Stop Sign, Sidewalk, Parking Ticket, Street Parking, and Crosswalk.

They also revealed that the puppies are expected to be ready for adoption in April and for super mom Meter Maid to be ready a week or two after her puppies.

The no-kill shelter also used this opportunity to highlight how crucial it is to help stray animals, especially pregnant ones like Meter Maid.

They wrote, “While mama dogs like Meter Maid do a lot of the work raising their pups, it still costs us about $1,000 to feed, vaccinate, and house a family of dogs for several weeks–and most families don’t include 11 puppies!”

And with the help of Meter Maid’s story, APA was able to reach their $250,000 goal. But if you are still able to, you can still make a donation to APA here.

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