Owner Who ‘Never Lost Hope’ Reunites With Dog Who Went Missing For 10 Years

A dog’s microchip led to her reunion with her owner, after running away and going missing 10 years ago, on March 2, Saturday.

Humane Society of Tampa Bay (HSTB) shared the story of Cleo, the 14-year-old Cockapoo, on their Facebook page on March 5, Tuesday.

The Florida animal shelter revealed that Cleo was brought to the shelter as a stray and was scanned for a microchip.

HSTB wrote, “We were hoping for a happy ending and for her to be reunited with her owners but we did not foresee the joy that her story brought!”

The animal shelter shared that Cleo’s owner, Luisa, was in disbelief when their team contacted her, because the pooch had ran away 10 years ago.

Luisa is said to have ‘never lost hope’ and continued to update Cleo’s microchip, “in the small hope that they would be reunited, even after they moved to Miami”.

And on March 2, the years of determination finally paid off when Luisa drove five hours from Miami to Tampa Bay to reunite with Cleo.

“We couldn’t be happier for them,” HSTB wrote.

HSTB added, “This shows the power and importance of the microchip and never losing hope.”

The animal shelter also shared heartwarming photos of the reunion, with a seemingly smiling Cleo.

The reunion tug at the heartstrings of users online and the story quickly became viral. One Facebook user wrote, “That is unconditional love for the dog the family continued to try to find him. This reunion was amazing. I’m crying tears of joy and I know the family never gave up hope.”

And another user even wrote, “This is going to give a renewed hope to owners who are still searching and those that have lost hope.”

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