Dog With Head Stuck In Tire Rim Gets Rescued By New Jersey Firefighters

A dog found herself stuck in a tire rim at home, and when water and soap failed, firefighters from the Franklinville Volunteer Fire Company in New Jersey were called to respond.

On March 21, the Franklinville Volunteer Fire Company (FVFC) posted on Facebook about assisting one of their “four legged community members”.

The post included a photo of Daisy, the 11-month-old Labrador, with her head stuck in the middle of a large tire.

FVFC shared, “Daisy found herself stuck in the rim of a tire at home, and initial efforts to free her with soap and water were unsuccessful.”

One of FVFC’s lieutenants, Lt. Brandon Volpe, told The Philadelphia Inquirer that the team even used vegetable oil and put a plastic wrap around the pooch’s neck, hoping that the combination of oil and soap will make the rim slippery enough for her to slide her head out.

Thankfully, Lt. Brandon Volpe, had a personal plasma cutter, which the team used to free the pooch from the rim.

FVFC assistant chief Joe Szwed told WCAU, “We realized it started turning into a race against time. Her eyes were turning red, she was kind of gasping for air a little bit. That’s when we started to realize we had to make a move fast.”

A footage of the rescue was posted by Franklin Township Police Department on their Facebook page.

In the video, you’ll see the team preparing Daisy by putting two blankets around her neck, to ensure her safety while the team cut through to the rim.

While the team was making sure Daisy doesn’t get injured, one of the firefighters cut a part of the rim using the plasma cutter.

The whole thing took about five minutes and thankfully Daisy was not injured and is now doing well. However, Volpe did note that the dog “panicked a little bit”.

“This is the dedication and commitment you can expect from the FVFC each time we respond to a call. We are grateful to everyone who responded today to help Daisy,” FVFC wrote.

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