Guide Dog Nicknamed ‘DogFather’ Retires After Fathering Over 300 Puppies

Guide Dogs UK announces that their guide dog, dubbed as the “Dogfather”, is retiring after fathering a total of 39 litters and 323 puppies.

The non-profit organization, helping visually impaired individuals across the UK with guide dogs, announced that the pooch will no longer be part of their breeding program on Tuesday, April 09.

The “Dogfather”, a nine-year-old Golden Retriever named Trigger, is the father of a lot of guide dogs working all over the UK, “including Glasgow, Cardiff and London, and even Guernsey and the Isle of Wight” Guide Dogs UK reveals.

“Trigger’s legacy can be seen in the independence and confidence his progeny has brought to the lives of blind and partially sighted people all over Britain,” Guide Dogs UK wrote.

Trigger has had a very successful “career” in the charity’s breeding program. One of his most notable litters is from 2021 — which included 16 German Shepherd cross Golden Retriever puppies, a record-breaking number for Guide Dogs UK.

In addition to this, Trigger has also helped create guide dog partnerships abroad after fathering two litters that were born in France and the Netherlands.

Guide Dogs UK has affectionately called Trigger’s offspring as “Triglets”. And the very last of the “Triglets” were comprised of six puppies —  five daughters named Jenny, Rita, Hermione, Sandy, and Indy, and one son, Billy.

But what made Trigger so perfect for the charity’s breeding program? Well, the Head of Breeding Operations at Guide Dogs, Janine Dixon, reveals the reason saying, “Trigger’s wonderful, gentle nature and excellent health have made him the perfect asset to our breeding program.”

“We can’t overstate the impact that Trigger has in helping us to provide so many guide dogs for people with sight loss,” she continues.

Now, Trigger is passing the baton to his offspring. Dixon said that they hope Trigger’s son, Billy, will continue his father’s legacy in a few years and join their breeding program.

“In the meantime, nine of his daughters, as well as his half-French son Pierre, are helping us to bring forward a new generation of guide dogs with Trigger’s fantastic genes,” Dixon said.

Guide Dogs UK reveals that Trigger will enjoy retirement and remain in Banbury, England. And he will be officially adopted by his Breeding Dog Volunteer, Sarah Byrne, who has looked after him for the past seven years.

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