5-month-old Puppy Abandoned With A ‘Good Puppy’ Note Finds A Home

A 5-month-old puppy who was abandoned outside an animal shelter with nothing but a ‘Good Puppy’ note finds her forever home.

On May 10, the Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) revealed that the puppy was abandoned outside their Philadelphia headquarters between the night of May 7 and the morning of May 8.

The animal shelter revealed that when they found the puppy, she was tied to a pole and had a note with her.

The note she came with read, “Cane Corso – pit mastiff. Born 12-15-23. Good Puppy. House Broken. Don’t Have A Name.”

Pennsylvania SPCA added that when their staff found the puppy, she appeared healthy but “had discharge from her eyes that made her look as if she had been crying.”

“Our hearts broke for her. She was so terrified,” they wrote.

Talking to PEOPLE, Gillian Kocher, the director of public relations & marketing for the Pennsylvania SPCA, described the puppy as nervous, with a withdrawn body language and a tucked tail.

“Though shy, she would wag her tail and approach slowly, looking for love,” she adds.

Pennsylvania SPCA revealed that they named the puppy Minerva. And just a day after the animal shelter announced that the sweet little girl was up for adoption, Minerva found her forever home.

While Minerva found her happily ever after, Pennsylvania SPCA noted that Minerva’s heartbreaking situation was not unique at all.

“We are seeing the frequency of dogs abandoned on our property rise. We are witnessing owner surrenders increasing. It may go without saying that adoptions have slowed down significantly,” Pennsylvania SPCA wrote.

They continued saying, “We are so very full. And dogs just like Minerva are coming in every day. We are rescuing animals from cruelty and neglect. We are saving them after they’ve been abandoned. And we are hoping with all of our might that loving families will come to adopt.”

“We need you now more than ever before.”

You can check out the Pennsylvania SPCA’s adoptable animals here. But if you cannot adopt, you can still help by choosing to donate instead.

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