Dog Who Lost Her Leg In An Accident Gets Adopted By The Firefighter Who Saved Her

A dog who lost her leg due to a car accident found her forever home in one of the New York firefighters who rescued her.

The Buffalo Fire Department-Helmets & Hose Wagons shared the story of the 4-month-old Pit Bull mix, named Auburn, on Facebook. They shared that the puppy was brought to the fire station by two teenagers who saw the pup get hit by a car.

Anthony Pulvino, one of the firefighters who rescued Auburn, told the Washington Post that the two teenagers who brought the pup to the firehouse noted that the driver apparently drove off after hitting Auburn’s back leg.

The firefighters took care of Auburn and cleaned her wounds. “She did have a lot of road rash, so we treated her, kind of cleaned up her cuts,” the firefighter told People.

However, Auburn’s leg needed more attention and the firefighter decided to bring her to Orchard Park Veterinary Medical Center.

A few weeks after Pulvino dropped Auburn at the vet, the Buffalo Fire Department-Helmets & Hose Wagons posted photos of Auburn at the firehouse and revealed that her leg was amputated.

The Fire Department wrote, “Recovered from her surgery, she came by to see her Boys of Engine Co.19 2nd Platoon who came to her aid the day she was struck by a car at Forest and Grant.”

“The story gets even better. One of her rescuers gave Auburn her Forever Home,” the Fire Department revealed.

And the rescuer who gave the pooch her forever home turned out to be Pulvino.

Pulvino, who said he had been working in the field for over two years and had been pondering getting a dog for several months, left his contact information when he dropped the puppy at the vet.

“I left my phone number and said if nobody claims her, I’d love to take her,” Pulvino tells Fox.

“She just fell right into my lap,” Pulvino said. He also revealed that he was the one who decided to name the puppy Auburn.

Washington Post reveals that the name ‘Auburn’ was suggested by another firefighter’s wife, since Pulvino helped put out a fire on a street called Auburn the same day he rescued the pup.

The Buffalo Fire Department shared that Auburn is “now living her best life with FF Pulvino taking long walks, jumping around and loving her new home.”

“You would never know she has three legs; she is already jumping on the couch and running across the house,” Pulvino said.

The firefighter also revealed that he is training the pup to be familiar with sirens and other loud noises so they can spend time together at the firehouse.

But for now, Auburn spends time with Pulvino’s family while he’s at work.

“I want to make sure I give her the best life I can,” he said.

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