Woman Rescues Loyal Dog After It Was Dumped By Owner On The Road

A heartbreaking incident of a dog owner abandoning its loyal dog on the road in Long Beach, California was caught on camera, and a woman decides to step up and rescue the pooch.

According to The Daily Mail, the whole incident was recorded by a food delivery driver behind the owner of the dog in a black Lexus with no plate.

In the video, you can see the dog, looking confused, chasing the car of its owner on the road and trying to get in.

The whole encounter seemed to have happened in multiple streets, as the dog looked exhausted in the video from trying to chase his owner’s car.

Destiny Gomez, 24, a woman who finds home for stray pets, saw the video on Instagram and decided to message the person who recorded the heartbreaking video.

She said that when she saw the video of the dog, she renamed Chico, “my heart dropped to the ground, and I started crying right away.”

Gomez asked the food delivery driver where the incident happened, and thankfully, she found that it was five minutes away from where she works.

Fortunately, after driving around for hours, Gomez’s boyfriend finally saw Chico.

Gomez reveals that she didn’t want to rehome Chico right there and then. She said people have been DM-ing her telling her they can take the dog but, “that wasn’t the route I wanted to go. I wanted to go through a rescue, because his story is so sad.”

Gomez made sure Chico was safe, and she even got him groomed before finding him a rescue.

Thankfully, Gomez was able to connect with Bella’s Animal Rescue, a non-profit organization that saves dogs in Southern California.

The non-profit organization reveals that they have collaborated with Gomez for rescue work in the past and she have reached out to them again to take Chico in.

Currently, Chico has not been adopted. Instead, he is with his wonderful foster which he will stay at until he finds his forever home.

Bella’s Animal Rescue provided an update of Chico, through his foster. He is now taking walks, meeting new friends, playing with toys, and just enjoying a life he deserves.

They also said that he was taken to the vet for a general examination and for his vaccinations.

The non-profit rescue reveals that they are still looking for a forever home for Chico. If you are interested, you can fill out their application form here, or if you wish to donate to Chico, you can donate here.

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