Senior Dog Gets Returned To The Shelter For Being ‘Boring’

A story of a senior dog who was adopted for a few days and gets returned to the shelter for being ‘boring’ is breaking the hearts of people online.

Rescue Me Tampa – Shelter Dogs shared the heartbreaking story of Honey the Husky on Sunday, May 26 on their Facebook page.

The animal shelter shared that Honey was adopted during the annual Hillsborough County Pet Resource Center’s mega adoption event in Tampa, Florida, on the weekend of May 17.

Only a week after the adoption event, Honey was returned to the shelter.

“She was at the event due to being surrendered by her first owners for being ‘allergic. Now she is back for being boring,” the animal shelter wrote.

As a senior dog, the animal shelter describes Honey as very quiet, calm, and spends most of her days sleeping.

The animal shelter further revealed that the people who adopted her from the adoption event returned the senior pooch for not being very interactive and not having “much of a personality like they had hoped.”

“The adopter’s youngest daughter was hoping for a more playful friend but the adopter’s son was very attached to the dog in the short time they had together,” Rescue Me Tampa – Shelter Dogs explains.

Before being surrendered for not being playful enough, Honey was with a previous owner for five years. Unfortunately, she was surrendered because the previous owner’s child was highly allergic of her.

Talking to the Southern Living, Jessica Yingst, Rescue Me Tampa’s page administrator, said that Honey’s story broke their hearts and souls.

“We see this kind of stuff weekly, however, something about her eyes just ripped us in pieces,” Yingst said.

Honey’s story went viral and a lot of people online were heartbroken after reading what the senior pooch had to go through.

Thankfully, the post reached Julie Bassett, owner of the animal rescue named Husky Life Rescue, who then rescued Honey.

Bassett revealed that Honey hasn’t had any real veterinary care in months, and found some shocking news.

Honey is not 10 years old, but is in fact, 15 years old. Furthermore, the senior pooch has developed a severe Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) and an upper respiratory infection.

“It’s no wonder she was ‘boring’. Kind of hard to be motivated when you feel so bad,” Basset wrote.

Basset said they are doing what they can to take care of Honey until she is healthy again.

Basset told WFLA that they will decide if Honey will be put back for adoption or if she will stay with the rescue once she has recovered.

Husky Life Rescue is an animal rescue in Lakeland that pulls Huskies from high kill shelters to rehabilitate them, take care of them, and train them in order to help them find their forever homes.

If you would like to help Honey, you can donate to Husky Life Rescue here.

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